Las Vegas English Mastiffs

PUPPIES !!  PUPPIES !!  PUPPIES !! ————— New pups!  Born on April 5th, 2017. Ready to go on May 31st, 2017. Mom is “Iris”. Dad is “Rufus”.

Give Annie a call at 702-882-4469 and reserve yours now!

We breed and sell English Mastiffs in Las Vegas – the biggest, most gentle, and most protective dogs on the planet. If you ever wanted a big, gentle loving giant of a dog – you’ve come to the right place. English Mastiffs are the most awesome, family-friendly pet you could find. They love their masters but, caution, bring a “slobber rag”, as they do drool a lot. In spite of this, they are so loving that the “slobberknocker” gets overlooked very quickly.

Raising English Mastiffs in Las Vegas takes time and money – a lot of money. Since they don’t mature for three or four years, much expense is used on food (they eat a lot) before any puppies can be expected. Also, shots, checkups, other VET bills and so forth. Nevertheless, it’s all worth it. If you breed English Mastiffs, you have to have a passion for the breed. They are more than just dogs. They are a part of your life, and you love them as family.

We are proud to present the latest puppies in our breeding circle from some of our Las Vegas English Mastiff dogs – whom we love like family.

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